Powerful momentum for a fiercely energetic logistics business

Moving Brands partnered with Coyote, the fastest growing third-party logistics company in North America. Their animal-like dynamism and competitive spirit, and their ability to leverage advances in technology meant they were closing the gap between themselves and their competitors.

We created a brand as powerful as the fortune 100 companies they were targeting, giving them the platforms to communicate their spirit emphatically to both their powerhouse clients and to their own teams in internal training and recruitment tools.


The concept of “Powerful Momentum” was derived from both the explosive growth of the company and the spirit of its employees. The company’s previous DIY identity had failed to capture the true essence of their corporate culture. Throughout the organization was a simple and powerful attitude—the desire to win.

Characteristics like “Tenacious” and “Tribal” resonated company-wide. Articulating the loud, loyal and fiercely energetic drivers behind Coyote’s superior performance would serve to differentiate them from their competition and drive success in an authentic way.



The first step in conveying their internal power to an external audience was shortening the name from Coyote Logistics to the primal and confident “Coyote.”

A comprehensive brand system was developed, including the bold arrowhead logo and stenciled wordmark, strategically differentiated color palette, fierce photography style derived from a shoot with a live coyote, and a tone of voice that encapsulated the employees’ mix of in-depth professional knowledge and fraternity-style rawness.



We produced a series of films to launch the new brand internally, to inform, align and rally the team. We created a spatial design experience for their new state-of-the-art LEED certified office in Chicago that brought the “Powerful Momentum” story to life. The new logo was displayed boldly in signage and wayfinding, and large-scale versions of the Brand Behaviors and photography were printed on walls and animated on screens. Coyote fully embraced their new brand, with employees literally wearing the new identity on their sleeves in a successful line of branded clothing and accessories.

The first presentation of the new brand in market came with the launch of the new company website, which continued to articulate the story of “Powerful Momentum” both visually and in the new bold, declarative tone of voice. We supported the brand with training sessions and guidelines to fully engage employees in the new identity and created recruitment materials that properly communicated the culture in order to attract and retain the best talents in the industry.

Coyote was acquired by UPS for $1.8 billion in July 2015.