A more social way to share

“Moving Brands understood exactly what we needed and what we were trying to achieve with our business and our brand. Their knowledge of new technologies along with their talent for design made them the perfect partner. I’m thrilled with the results” – Keith Pardy, CMO, CX Inc.

Moving Brands worked with Cloud Experience, a cloud storage service backed by Tomorrow Ventures (Eric Schmidt’s Venture Fund) to define their unique business proposition in a saturated market.

Working closely with the company’s key stakeholders, we refined their product offer and clearly defined their unique business proposition.

After undertaking a rigorous understanding of their audience and developing detailed personas for their customer base, we were able to propose their distinction as a “more social” product, and deliver a strikingly differentiated brand identity to align the new offer.


The heart of the story we articulated for Cloud Experience was “Content comes to life.” The double meaning of both injecting life into content and bringing content into the lives of people served to humanize the tech-led, consumer-focused company and spotlight their ability to bring simplicity and excitement to the way its users share and store content.

We refined the existing name of Cloud Experience to the more confident and versatile CX, itself derived from the new, aspirational, user-focused tagline, “Cloud to the power of X.” Defining characters like “geektastic” and “imaginative” and behaviors such as “human” and “unconventional” further fleshed out CX’s unique story, and underpinned their differentiated tone of voice, messaging and identity.



Moving Brands created a complete visual identity system driven by a symbiotic relationship between copy and graphic language that articulates the Brand Behavior and Brand Character attributes. The result was a transformation of not only the look and feel but also the UX itself.

The system combines vibrant core assets and a wealth of colours and patterns with bold, declarative language in a bespoke typeface and playful iconography.

The UI of the web and mobile devices were driven from the system, highlighting the core features offered by the software, including an ability to more easily share to social channels and with in-built commenting features. An intentionally scalable UX was created so as the start-up business grew and generated further funding, new features were already considered and simple to implement.



We developed the brand’s hero messaging, which included emotive lines like, “Less fluff, more cloud,” “You’re gonna love it up here” and the tagline, “Cloud to the power of X” which was rolled out across an online campaign and visualised in an accompanying outdoor media campaign.

This messaging was used on the website’s homepage at launch, alongside moving image, to introduce the “Content comes to life” story. For a brand with ‘sharing’ at its core, it was important that their social channels were well-considered across Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Finally, this brand with digital at it’s heart was brought to life outside of the online space in print collateral and apparel.