Setting the ‘social’ benchmark within the health care sector

Dabo’s CEO Camilo Barcenas came to Moving Brands looking for a partner to help bring to life his vision of improving healthcare through socially-driven, metrics-based best practices. We worked with the Dabo team from inception to create a visual identity system and online experience that differentiates Dabo from the healthcare industry and sets a benchmark for “social” within the sector

The end product streamlines the way nurses, physicians and front line staff improve the quality of care. By eliminating silos along the care continuum, Dabo Health brings clarity to quality metrics, makes them actionable to both hospitals and care providers, and facilitates collaboration for quality improvement.


The original inspiration for Dabo came from the usage of social media during the Egyptian Revolution to bring transparency to a media landscape that was state controlled and heavily censored. Watching events unfold, Camilo realized social data could be used to bring much needed transparency and accountability to the US healthcare system. Dabo was born.

Taking this central idea, Moving Brands workshopped and developed the notion further, examining how big data could enlighten both individuals and organizations, drive change and ultimately empower progress.



Using “Progress Empowered” as the foundation, we created the “platform” symbol, seemingly monolithic and physical, ever-present and perfectly formed for the digital world. The symbol can be used to both underline and elevate information. The color palette has gravitas and is at home in the world of both data and medicine.

The UX and UI of the Dabo platform was workshopped extensively, with feedback from users and hospital partners. We refined and simplified the dashboards to showcase the most important and actionable data, striving to make real the vision of “leveraging the power of teamwork and data transparency to improve outcomes and meet the needs of patients”

This concurrent and integrated process was a best practice example of how brand can drive product and product can become the brand.



The “platform” symbol is applied across all key brand touch points, and embedded into the UI of the platform to become a bold and persistent graphic element. For key comms touchpoints the almost binary nature of the Platform symbol was juxtaposed against a more human background, playing with the idea of how data could be layered on top of existing human knowledge to provide intelligent pattern recognition, actionable insights, and ultimately increased transparency and performance.

Dabo received funding from the Mayo Clinic to further develop the platform, and are partnering with the medical practice and research group, to integrate the product deeply into their network of hospitals.