DeviantArt Mobile App

World's largest art gallery in your hand

It’s hard to believe that one of the world’s largest social networks did not have an app until Dec 2014. The art gallery and community DeviantArt shares 160,000 newly created artworks with an audience of more than 2 million unique visitors, daily. With 31% of these visits coming from a mobile or tablet, there was clearly the appetite for an app.

The DeviantArt Mobile App has just launched, for both Android and iOS.  Download it now.

Learn more about the rebrand process here. 


We worked with DeviantArt to define the app from the ground up, designing in tandem with the rebrand. The aim was to create a product that reflected the different needs of individuals in the community, and that balanced coherence alongside the natural quirkiness of DeviantArt.

The creation of the app started with a comprehensive mapping of personas, to understand the current and future members that make DeviantArt the varied and valued community it is. This included interviewing DeviantArt staff, many of whom started out as members and are still active artists within the community. A survey on the site polled the responses of over 1000 community members, to inform the personas and to identify the key ways the community would want to use the app.

We then looked at how the new brand would map to the UI, using motion studies to help bring the onscreen experience to life. We collaborated very closely with DeviantArt team to develop a shared understanding of the goals and characteristics of the app, together fleshing out the app’s functionality and interactions. Moving Brands and DeviantArt designers collaborated on annotated wireframes, from which the DA team could build an interactive prototype, returning to the wireframes to tweak elements, iteratively pushing the prototype forwards.

The resulting app puts the largest online art gallery in the pockets of over 32 million existing community members and launched in Dec 2014. As at the time of writing, three hours after launch, the app has received almost entirely 5 star ratings.

Download the iOS mobile app here, and Android mobile app here.