Breathing new life into Ireland’s principal provider of telecommunications services

Ireland’s largest telecoms business Eircom is undergoing a period of change. Moving Brands was engaged as Eircom’s lead creative partner, to clarify and streamline its business architecture, transform the brand identity, and set the direction for over 100 agencies in the launch of its new brand. Eircom’s investment in its new brand marks the largest brand transformation in Ireland in over 20 years.


Eircom has invested hugely providing the most extensive network and fastest broadband in Ireland. Its product portfolio is broader than any of its competitors, and is capable of connecting with an audience of all ages, from rural to urban Ireland. However, with dynamic competition moving into its space, coupled with a public perception tied to less progressive times, the business needed to better communicate its commitment to and role within the changing face of Ireland.

The time was right to signal a change – for the business, and the country.



A country’s performance can be measured by its connectivity, and Eircom has this responsibility for Ireland. Because it takes pride in being the network open to all, we successfully proposed that the company should become ‘eir’, a name that conveys its essential contribution to Irish life. It also suggests a lightness and new optimism for the business.

The brand story we created to drive the business and the brand, as well as galvanise its people, is ‘Essential to Ireland. Essential to life.’  We created the advertising strapline ‘Live life on eir’, an invitation to its customers – and the nation. This sets the tone for the new brand’s vibrant and playful communications. ‘Business rises on eir’, used in B2B communications, expresses uplifting optimism.

Through the creation of one masterbrand, we provided the business with an architecture that both defined the changes it had already made, and a framework for its continued evolution. Over an accelerated delivery schedule of only six months, we brought both the business and consumer units under the single ‘eir’ masterbrand.  



We renamed the Eircom Wholesale offer ‘open eir’, giving it a unique tone of voice and colour palette. This aids customer navigation, and aligns the offer closely enough to the master brand to retain brand equity.

The eir identity is a simple but bold brand system, that allows this complex business to intuitively create and deploy a range of vibrant, larger than life expressions. It conveys the business’ shift from a supplier of infrastructure and services to one that is more approachable, human, warm, and positive.

We designed the concept store – a focal point of Dublin’s city centre– from signage and wayfinding, in-store experience and proposed treatment and materials. We set the creative direction for the major brand touchpoints, including packaging, point of sale, livery and uniforms. The system ensures that all these brand spaces and elements are bold and vibrant, uplifting and flexible, and built for people and purpose.

To help the business grow from merely providing digital products and services to capturing customers’ imaginations with compelling content and memorable experiences, we created a digital toolkit. This helps eir to shape optimal customer experiences across all key digital environments (phone, tablet, TV and desktop). We did this by applying a mobile-first approach, that extended the brand and its behaviours across the Four Screens (including TV EPG), creating digital interactions that are pragmatic, responsive and progressive. The newly launched eir.ie site showcases this user experience thinking and interface design.



eir’s investment in its new brand marks the largest brand transformation in Ireland in over 20 years. The impact will be immediately visible in market at launch: technicians will don the new uniform, 160 rebranded vans will be on the roads, and all 63 stores nationwide will reveal the new identity.

A full above-the-line campaign will support the business in communicating its transformation. The vision we set for the brand at the pitch stage has informed the direction of launch activities, from campaign messaging and internal communications, through to the ATL brand advert. We also created a brand film –see below.

The new eir identity is dynamic and modern. It reflects our real ambition to become just that, a dynamic and progressive Irish organisation providing the high quality infrastructure and services the country needs and deserves. This is the logical next stage in our evolution as we establish an identity that better reflects the company that we are today.

Richard Moat, eir, CEO

The rebrand offered a unique and timely opportunity to transform the business in its audience’s hearts and minds. The result is a confident brand that reflects and galvanises both the recent and ongoing evolution of the business, and the ambitious commitment to eir’s future competitive potential.