Invesco Perpetual

Sharing the story of a small independent charity

Moving Brands has worked with Invesco Perpetual on digital brand and service design and storytelling projects. For the latter, we created a film to tell the story of Shelter from the Storm, a small, independent, entrepreneurial charity offering homeless people a safe, warm space all year round.


The 60 second film contrasts gentle moving portraits of the guests with time lapse shots capturing the energy and movement of the shelter. The charity’s founder Sheila Scott provides the voice-over, perfectly encapsulating the warmth, personality and spirit of the charity.”What we try to do is try to catch people, and support them, so they don’t go onto the street, they don’t go down-hill, they don’t go into a desperate spiral.”
MB’s Nick MacDonald shared his thoughts on the shoot. “One of the highlights was meeting Sheila. Her tireless amounts of enthusiasm, empathy and resolve to make a difference for people was humbling.

No amount of copywriting, messaging or rehearsal could hope to capture her message as succinctly as a few minutes in her company, so we let the camera roll and asked her to speak a little about the Shelter. Five minutes later and the whole room is captivated by her stories, a few select moments formed the voice over for the final film.”

Please visit the Invesco Perpetual site to hear the stories of the guests in the film, and the Shelter from the Storm site to learn how you can help them to help others over the Christmas period.