A liquid-light experience, responding to sound

With a brief to simply create ‘the ultimate’, KEF assembled a cross-disciplinary team of designers and agencies to design, brand, and launch the most extraordinary audio speaker ever conceived.

Moving Brands were introduced to the visionary industrial designer Ross Lovegrove by Faro. His Muon speakers marry a sensual yet logical organic form to state-of-the-art audio technology.
Moving Brands created an audio responsive visual installation to compliment Muon – a ‘liquid light experience’ – and used a custom built sound-responsive visual engine to dynamically map liquid behaviours.

“Moving Brands have opened up a new world for me in creating an emotional aura around my design. They have understood the concept and enriched
it with a remarkable interpretation of organic forms moving in space. It brings my work closer to the total polysensorial reaction I have been looking for and inspires in me a new way of seeing.”
Ross Lovegrove


Created entirely in Processing, using libraries ESS, traer.physics, toxi.geom and (during debug) controlP5. The sound responsive engine used FFT analysis on the incoming audio.

The space is three dimensional, with particles moving along x and y axes, and bobbing like fluid on the z axis. A 2D slice of the world is rendered,
creating the effect of a liquid oil pool.



A two week build culminated in a two day installation at the Sala Del Cenacolo, a monastic library and part of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo de Vinci, Milan.

The resultant installation’s organic, responsive light-forms created an emotional aura around the speakers that perfectly encapsulates the dual inspirations of particle physics and Zen Buddhism, from which Muon derives its name.