London College of Fashion

Futuristic exhibitions for the next generation of fashion leaders

Moving Brands was appointed by London College of Fashion to conceive, design and build their Graduate Portfolio Exhibition three years running. Faced with the challenge of giving equal prominence to over 500 students’ work, we created an interactive gallery setting, adapting the experience each year to best support the LCF’s exhibition theme.


Each student was represented by a postcard, which held a hero visual from their collection on the front, and a unique identification marker on the back. The marker was used as a trigger for a tangible interface. By placing cards on a table they worked as a dial, which, when turned, shuffled hrough the relevant student’s work.

The portfolio exhibition was created using Reactivision and a specifically re-coded version of Processing. In order for the interaction to work within an environment with low light levels, we used infra-red lamps to enhance the contrast in colour and reduce the light noise, enabling the webcam to accurately detect the coded marker.



The student calling cards were both crucial to the interactive element, but could also be kept by visitors to the exhibition, functioning as a business cards for those displaying their work.

The exhibition was acclaimed by the client and visitors alike. When the London College of Fashion made it onto the Cool Brands shortlist, Moving Brands were asked to install a condensed reprise of the exhibition especially for the Cool Brands event.



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