Branding the new family circle

Life360 came to Moving Brands with an app that lets family members keep track of each other, avoid neighborhood dangers and send out family safety alerts using the GPS capabilities of their smartphones. Though the company aspired to be a family safety tool, their identity was synonymous with the app’s original purpose as a means of identifying the locations of sex offenders. Moving Brands’ understanding of the moving world was instrumental in repositioning the brand as an intuitive family management service and re-designing the app with an identity system that resonates with parents and millennials alike.


The main point of differentiation from traditional security brands for Life360 was the acknowledgement that there can be no assurance of security in modern family life. The team at Life360 articulated this reality with a tongue-in-cheek wit and stark straightforwardness that Moving Brands captured and developed into the brand’s distinctive, human and ultimately relatable tone of voice.

Balancing that casual tone of voice was a short form Brand Narrative we created to highlight the cutting edge technology at the heart of the product and its unique ability to bolster family management capabilities—Family Intelligence.



Moving Brands created a visual identity system and messaging that introduced the concept of “The New Family Circle”—a flexible self-contained form encompassing the individual paths of a family’s members. The new logo, a lowercase “L” hidden in a seamless infinite loop of concentric asymmetric circles on a purple to fuchsia background manifests the benefits of using the app as an everyday tool for the whole family. In this way, every family member can explore their own individuality while still remaining a connected part of the family unit.

The color system combines bright gradients with solid RGB colors to make the entire palette feel vivid and alive. New messaging guidelines ensure that parents and teenagers are spoken to as real people living in the real world, with language focused on everyday problems, like reducing nagging and stress rather than worst-case-scenarios, such as abductions and runaways.



Life360 relaunched with a new website and app featuring the visual identity elements and tone of voice created by Moving Brands. The new look and feel extends from the online/app user experience all the way through marketing materials and brand communications.

Ultimately, the brand is positioned to expand as a family management tool to include home, auto and identity protection, while remaining a personal daily life management tool for the whole family.

Since the rebrand, Life360 have secured $10million in series B funding, which they plan to use on various product enhancements, internationalization efforts and partnerships. CEO Chris Hull has said, “Now more than half of Life360’s user base is overseas, although Life360 has not spent any money on marketing internationally.”

After a slow start, launching in 2008 with an andriod only app, the months following the launch of the new brand has seen them grow to more than 40 million users – making it a more popular location service than Foursquare, one of the world’s most well-known apps.