Living Identity® Book

Using AR technology to bring print to life

‘Living identity®’ is the first paper from Moving Brands. In it we call for a fresh understanding of the role of brands in a moving world. As the paper itself is already out of date, we have created an innovative ‘living’ cover which uses augmented reality technology to ensure it continues to ‘live’. In doing so, we have re-invented the book, taking the printed form into the future.


Here is how to download and play with the AR cover. All you need is a printer, an internet connection, a webcam and the latest version of Flash.

1. Click the link below to download the pdf.
2. Once downloaded print the cover with the marker at 100%.
3. Click here and approve the application.
4. The application is working when you can see yourself.
5. Hold the marker up to the webcam, launching the augmented reality live feed.
6. Rotate the paper to experience the different feeds. Flick left to right to browse the content. Tilt up and down to scroll.

Download the Moving Brands Living Identity® Paper cover

Launch AR site