Creating our moving world – in pixels, perspex and print

Holiday season at Moving Brands means it’s time to hit the tools; a chance to learn new tricks by creating physical, digital and print products.

This year, our global footprint grew with the launch of our newest studio in New York. We’ve worked collaboratively with our clients across studios and time zones, and our teams are growing – employing people from all over the world. Our longstanding focus on ‘creativity for a moving world’ has never felt so relevant.

And now with the holidays upon us, we look forward to heading back home, wherever home may be. By mapping the distance we’ll travel from the studio to our holiday destination, we have created individual journeys, which we’ve mapped to a globe. Or, as we see it, a moving world.


We created this world as an interactive installation for the London studio window. This physical world, made with laser-cut polypropylene and acrylic, can be controlled by passers-by. The light source (cold-cathode fluorescent tube lights) and wind (fans powered by Arduino Micros), are triggered by a Leap Motion.

We also built an online world in cutting-edge WebGL, beating the Christmas clock countdown by utilising open source projects ClojureScript and the thi.ng collection. The latter was also used in the generation of artwork for gift cards, which shine with rainbow Mirri foil on Colorplan real grey stock.

Thanks to our printers Push Print, our laser cutter Little Big Laser and our vinyl guys Glyphics. Also to MB Co-Founder Guy for late nights wielding gaffa tape, fairy lights and his inimitable spirit of creation, and MB team-player Karsten for his genius approach to visualisation and build – especially when time is tight.