Repositioning this WPP business to live in the moving world

Mindshare was launched by WPP as the first global media agency network in 1997. Setting the agenda for the marketplace, Mindshare was viewed as the leading force in a fast moving industry. Ten years on, and the market had become fiercely competitive, as margins for selling media were being hugely eroded. The Mindshare leadership came to Moving Brands to help them regain distinction and take the leader position once more. We worked with them to tightly define their global positioning and new brand architecture, and used this to underpin a dynamic new living identity system.

“When we launched we wanted to be the agency of the future. After 10 years that objective is stronger than ever. To prepare us for that future, we unveil our new branding, which is further indication of our ambition.”
Dominic Proctor, CEO Mindshare Worldwide


With huge shifts in their market, and ever-decreasing margins, we helped Mindshare reposition themselves, both within Group M and within the broader competitor set.
They needed to reshape as a more strategic partner, working with their client’s not as a broker, but as a true media advisor.

By reorganising the business around the client’s needs, they were able to deliver proactive, unique solutions for their clients. This sense of partnership and collaboration was at the heart of their new brand. This story can be seen in the symbol, showing two forms coming together to create a new, strong form reflective of Mindshare’s partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies.



We lead the strategic repositioning, embedding this strategy in several areas of the business. We supported the leadership in reorganising around their global customers, re-engineering its structure from more than a dozen separate specialist departments to four integrated, collaborative groups. Job roles and the groupings of their offer were redefined, as were their products and services to make a more connected portfolio of services.

The Mindshare brand identity system comprises of fixed and flexible elements. Core elements are fixed and maintain structure and consistency across a wide variety of media and communications. The network’s branding retains the signature colour purple, which was established at its inception, but includes a complete refresh of the agency’s brandmark and visual identity.

We lead the digital strategy to reposition the business as digital-first. This included prototyping for a data visualisation tool, to support their positioning as an emerging big data leader.



We supported the leadership team with the internal engagement process, meeting with their regional offices to explain the power of their brand, how to work with the identity and imparting the importance of what the brand signifies. We created on-boarding animations to help embed this message.

The final identity system was rolled out globally and includes a visual identity system, signage, brand architecture, brand guidelines (printed and on-line version), stationery and presentation templates.