The Mino lifecycle

Unique avatars to interactive installations to edible artefacts

Earlier this year we celebrated our 15th birthday, for which we created unique characters for everyone in our global eco-system. These characters, or Minos, then starred in custom interactive installations at dual MB15 parties in San Francisco and London.

Interested in the relationship between physical and digital worlds, we wanted to transition these digital Minos back into a tangible artefact. With the holiday period approaching, we created edible Minos to gift to the same people who had inspired the original digital versions.


The original Minos were created as a nod to the unique people in our eco-system. Each Mino was shaped depending on the guests name. The patterns were also unique, and were dictated by the guest’s relationship to Moving Brands – whether they’d known us one year or fifteen, which studio they were related to, in what capacity we worked together, and whether we were connected online as well as off.

These Minos then populated a responsive world, in which guests at the MB15 parties could connect by swiping, selecting, tickling, and tweeting.

To create the unique edible Minos, we partnered with Spun Candy, and then created packaging that referenced the graphic language of the MB15 events.

The most difficult part of the process? Deciding what the MB Mino should taste like…

Happy Holidays.