Mojo Networks

A rebellious brand for the Wi-Fi disruptor

Mojo Networks is a global leader in cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions. Its clients – Fortune 500 businesses and high levels of government – look to Mojo for the most secure, innovative Wi-Fi infrastructure available. In order to meet these opportunities, and with cloud managed Wi-Fi poised to become a $1.7 billion business in the next two years, Mojo is shifting its product offer to focus on newer cloud services.


Mojo, at that point named AirTight Networks, approached Moving Brands to support them in communicating its ambitions and credibility in its new offer. We created a brand story and identity to support Mojo in capitalising on the opportunities the cloud affords, now and in its ever-changing future.



Mojo had operated in the cloud since the company was founded in 2003. They lead the revolution in prolific enterprise WiFi and were the original innovators of cloud WiFi technology. Working closely with Mojo, it became clear they are disruptors, not followers.

“We are an established player born and raised in the cloud, and we have the DNA to make a major impact on how the world deploys and manages Wi-Fi.”

Rick Wilmer, CEO at Mojo Networks.


Mojo did not want to adhere to the zeitgeist of technology branding, so we began crafting an approach that challenged conventions – something that Mojo was already doing on the ground. Through workshops, interviews and research of the landscape, the brand story of “Prolific Connectivity” was crafted.

The identity system reflects Mojo’s character: rebellious, responsive, and always against the stream of big, market-dominated competitors. The Mojo mark became one of the most important expressions of the brand identity. The circle captures the infinite possibilities of Mojo’s technology. Its bold and simple form communicates the foundation of the Mojo brand.



We created a sophisticated toolkit for the design team that would bring energy and movement to the assets through graphics, photography and interactions, and gave guidance on how the Mojo team can apply the system across digital experiences, physical products and key tools. The new brand was launched in parallel with news of its new product offer, in early 2016.