Injecting life, love and lust into a global Telco

Between 2004 and 2007, Moving Brands partnered with Nokia as their lead global agency, to transform its identity system into a living brand language that responds to different audiences, behaviours, situations and actions. The system interacts with all communication touchpoints, inspiring and guiding customers as they move through Nokia’s services, products and environments. Sophisticated coding and modeling enabled us to put clear navigation and powerful expression at the heart of their identity.

Nokia launched its new identity, offer and online presence globally in 2007. The same year, Nokia’s global market share increased from 34% to 40%. By 2009, they were number 5 in global brand rankings.


Our brand was living in yesterday’s world… I hoped you’d bring us into today’s… but you’ve taken us into tomorrow’s.

Are Thu, Head of Brand Strategy 2007, Nokia.

Nokia approached us with a desire to become the “World’s most loved and admired brand”. Nokia’s objectives were twofold: to re-engage with youth, and make product choice easier for all. The intended result was to increase market share, brand preference and customer retention. Moving Brands worked with Nokia to help customers navigate Nokia’s vast product portfolio and to create a stronger emotional connection with customers by injecting the right amount of ‘life, love and lust’ into the brand.

To represent these new values and help the organisation focus these ambitions, we developed the story at the heart of the brand – ‘very human technology.’

We created a Nokia brand narrative film to bring both the story of business and the brand to life. We merged live action and animation to introduce the behaviour of the new Nokia Living Identity.



The Nokia living brand texture is based on code that translates consumer interaction and clustering into constantly evolving forms of brand expression, a technological first for the branding industry. It acts as a visual model for social media activity, with colour, movement, intensity, scale and form responding to context, while remaining within an on-brand envelope. Crucially, and more importantly, the system provides an easy to use, cost effective platform for global communications. This system has been used successfully by agencies to deliver coherent, consistent, compelling Nokia Brand Experiences across the globe.

The Nokia category textures are living assets that help customers navigate through Nokia’s extensive product and service categories. Each has its own set of behaviours, reacting in infinitely different ways according to context. The behaviours also define the wider system across print, on-screen, sonic, environment, interactive and digital media.



We led the redesign of Nokia’s global online presence. This moved the emphasis for from product selling to story-telling. Work included the creation of a new online vision, experience and information architecture, front end development, web design style definition and guidelines.

The Nokia identity system served as a launch pad for Ovi (meaning ‘door’ in Finnish), Nokia’s new internet services brand. Developed and implemented rapidly, Ovi brand elements work seamlessly across platforms, devices and browsers.

Screens play a major role in Nokia’s flagship retail stores, so we used Processing to develop an immersive, real-time living identity environment. The screens respond to weather, time and customer activity.