Nokia Siemens Networks

A multi-sensorial brand that connects the world

The merger of Nokia and Siemens’ network business presented a unique opportunity to create an entirely new identity for a brand that would be a €6 billion market leader. We created the brand identity at the inception of the company in 2007, helping it launch at the 3GSM (now Mobile World Congress) and supporting its global roll out. Moving Brands helped Nokia Siemens Networks realise its ambition of creating the most visionary and customer focused brand in the industry.

Since the initial launch in February 2007 Moving Brands has developed an on-going and valued working relationship with Nokia Siemens Networks. We have worked with the company on engagements such as The Cloud Experience, an innovative and distinctive event experience and Round the World Connected, a series of documentary films bringing to life how Nokia Siemens Networks is reinventing the connected world.


At the time of the initial engagement the industry was in a state of transition. New and intense competition; a growth spurt in users, applications and traffic; technological, regional and operator business model fragmentation; as well as massive cost pressures were all occuring. These dynamics framed the story which focused on the core need of connectivity that the strong partnership could credibly satisfy.

The brand story, which was articulated as ‘The World Connected’, was core to driving the brand identity and experiences for customers. The story speaks of Nokia Siemens Networks’ desire to unite communities all over the world through connectivity. It was driven by their mission to help people prosper in a more connected world.



At the time of the project, becoming a multi-sensorial brand was a key differentiator that drove the system creation. A living identity system was created that thrives across print, onscreen, audio and interactive media.

Deliverables included everything from logo, to mnemonic and Sonic Mnemonic® (moving and audio logo), a suite of sonic assets (including music and ringtones), brand films, photography, stationery, typography, signage, livery, environments, and pictograms, as well as guidelines across all touch-points.



We have worked on bringing to life the positioning of ‘The World Connected’ through several experiences. The first of these which was central to Nokia Siemens Networks’ presence at The Mobile World Congress, is The Cloud Experience. The large physical event experience where people used a motion gesture to interact with video content demonstrated how Nokia Siemens Networks is meeting the industry challenges of delivering a world connected. At its core it is a content delivery system which is scalable across formats and situations within a flexible framework for showcase events, experience centres and corporate foyers. The brand experience differentiates and positions the brand at the forefront of technology, user experience and brand engagement.


We also worked with Nokia Siemens Networks on a communication campaign to build understanding of the connectivity they offer to their global partners and clients. We traveled to seven regions around the world and discovered how connectivity is shaping the lifestyles and decisions of people at governmental and social levels. Moving Brands conceptualised, wrote, directed, edited and produced a series of documentary films called Round the World Connected, shot in Belgium, Helsinki, Nairobi, Ethiopia, Mexico City, Washington, New York and Delhi and Beijing.

Most recently we created the flagship experience that launched the company’s new positioning ‘For a world in motion’, also at Mobile World Congress. Following its success we have been invited to extend this visual language across service offerings, a project that is currently in progress.