A living architectural resource

Moving Brands worked with Phaidon to create the most detailed and comprehensive living resource of the world’s best buildings – Moving Brands was engaged to design the online experience of the site, and together we created an essential, usable daily resource for architects and others working in the industry.


Phaidon has been producing beautiful illustrated books since 1923, so we were being ambitious when we decided to build a fantastic online resource for architects. The site is currently in beta phase and Moving Brands played a leading role at a critical stage in the site’s development. We chose them for their UI and UX expertise but the scope of their contribution ended up being much more than this and enabled us to work through all of the issues to produce a site that makes sense holistically and in detail. At Phaidon we are trying to make exceptional products and Moving Brands rose to the challenge as we tackled this new business in a thoughtful, calm and expert way that was very much appreciated.

David Davies, CEO, Phaidon

Following the success of the publications ‘The Phaidon Atlas of the Contemporary World Architecture’ and ‘The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture,’ Phaidon approached us with an ambition to create a digital resource to surpass the print versions; in scale, resourcefulness and profitability.

The resulting site needed to balance the strength and usability of a database, with the beauty and quality expected from Phaidon’s exacting print standards. As one of their first digital services, it needed to set a benchmark for their footprint in the moving world.



Talking the concept of an axis as a starting point, Phaidon’s new site uses horizontal and vertical axes to expire across and within topics. A strong grided construction also serves to reference the architectural content within.

The site also had to work for people that were hunting for specifics – architects, locations or building types – through to those that were happy to simply browse – to be presented with content curated by Phaidon. For that reason, the search mechanism had to be intuitive and the means of onward browsing, accessible.



The new is designed from the start to scale and expand, both in terms of functionality and content.

With over 1200 architects and 3000 buildings currently featured, the site is a curated celebration of the world’s best architectural work, designed with the same rigour and care as the business it represents and the projects it showcases.