Public Interest Registry

An identity for the internet

Public Interest Registry is the facilitator of the internet’s standards and practices, as well as operator of the .ORG Top Level Domain (TLD). They came to Moving Brands with a unique brand challenge: after over 20 years without competition, changes to the structure of the internet meant that the business suddenly needed to differentiate itself from upwards of 1,400 new TLDs, including .give, .charity, .nonprofit and .love.

Moving Brands defined the brand story, created an identity that would provide credibility and cut through, and shaped the architecture for its myriad sub brands, including the well-known and well-regarded .ORG/.ONG, the new .NGO, and many as-yet-undeclared TLDs.


Public Interest Registry collaborates globally to ensure that the internet is truly a place for the public and “open to the public interest.” The brand mark was designed to communicate the essential characteristics of the Public Interest Registry – an open, transparent, and selfless organization dedicated to keeping the internet unrestricted.

We continue to work closely with PIR, supporting them in a constantly changing business environment.

In early 2015, we were engaged once more to define a name and create an identity for Enset, the NGO focused arm of PIR.

When I heard our board members explain the Enset story at a meeting with sincerity and enthusiasm about what the brand means to so many and how it represents the mission of bringing together cultures from all over the world, I knew we had accomplished something amazing. It was Moving Brands and their team that made it a wonderful experience for us with a tremendous outcome.

Dave Stewart, VP Sales and Marketing, Public Interest Registry