Risky Business

Communicating climate change in a language America's biggest businesses can't ignore

Risky Business is a nonpartisan research organization that examines the economic risks of climate change. It was founded by Michael R. Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and founder of Bloomberg L.P., clean energy advocate and philanthropist Tom Steyer and Henry Paulson Jr., Chairman of the Paulson Institute and former Treasury secretary to President George W. Bush. Working with businesses across the United States, the Risky Business Project examines the economic risks presented by climate change and opportunities to reduce them. Moving Brands eagerly accepted the opportunity to support an organization that was striving and destined to make a positive impact in the world.


After publishing its first report, Risky Business gained followers not only within the climate change conversation but among business leaders interested in a different perspective of operating in today’s world. 

In light of this popularity, Risky Business was in need of a strong brand to help stimulate and support its growth and awareness. Moving Brands worked with Risky Business to build momentum through a unique story, visual identity system and communications.



We began by conducting interviews with the founders and their teams. While political parties and opinions differ on almost every issue, the common core of Risky Business was clear. It is focused on quantifying and providing data on the economic risks caused by climate change for American businesses. In Steyer’s words: “One side argues morality and polar bears, and the other side argues jobs. You’re never going to win with polar bears.”

Taking this hard line approach to the issue as our foundation, we created the brand story ‘The bottom line on climate change’ which became the crux of its identity.

Risky Business evolves the conversation of climate change from inaction to action. We came up with a visual representation of change, activation and momentum. The visual identity needed to appeal to Fortune 500 businesses and influencers while also feeling credible, fresh and importantly, different to the many other worthy climate change organizations that focus on the natural environment. Risky Business wanted its data at the forefront of its identity, leading conversations and influencing decisions. The identity therefore supports this mathematical, analytical approach to communications.



Moving Brands delivered light principles and guidance to help the Risky Business team bring its identity to life. The new brand and identity is now live on its recently launched website and social channels, and the messaging we developed can be seen across its reports and public appearances. The organization will continue to bang the drum for climate change and are working towards a new report on Clean Energy.

Working with Moving Brands has afforded Risky Business greater clarity about who we are, what we do, what we’re trying to achieve and how we present ourselves to the world. Historically, Risky Business was focused on identifying risk, but now we’re focusing on a new stream of work looking at opportunities to deal with those risks. Moving Brands helped us create a brand that encapsulates both risks and opportunities.

Tan Copsey, Director of The Risky Business Project