Unifying two firms with one unique story and identity

When asset management firm Salient Partners LP acquired Forward Management LLC earlier this year, it bolstered Salient’s position as a market leader and diversified asset management firm. Moving Brands was engaged to support the integration of the two companies behind a joint vision and identity, and communicate the powerful proposition of the business.


Salient Partners, an innovative asset management firm headquartered in Houston, TX, approached Moving Brands to lead its rebrand and portfolio architecture project following its acquisition of San Francisco-based Forward Management. The two firms were well-aligned in their philosophies and unconventional approach to diversified portfolios — the challenge was to capture and articulate a new unified story, identity and product portfolio.



Comprehensive interviews and workshops with internal stakeholders and customers of both firms revealed a unique approach to seeing things differently and bucking industry trends. That pervasive attitude is articulated in Salient’s core story – Beyond Convention – and expressed through a logo and identity system that visualizes different perspectives in a vibrant and differentiated look and feel. 

We realigned the combined company’s product offerings to suit both the structure of the newly formed business units, as well as suit their individual clients’ goals and portfolios.

Salient wanted something fresh, modern and not typical of asset management firms. We chose Moving Brands because they, too, are beyond convention in their approach, thinking, and product

– Jeremy Radcliffe, president and chief strategy officer of Salient



The new identity has succeeded in unifying the two companies behind a shared vision, and in helping the business and its customers make sense of a more comprehensive product offering. The new brand will debut at the invitation-only Investment Advisors event, the Schwab Conference, in Boston, MA on November 10.