Cinematic product films to completely differentiate the tech titan

Sony had created a print Lookbook, which for the first time presented their various hero products in a holistic, high-fashion style. Moving Brands was engaged to translate this static book into an extensive series of cinematic product films, for screens of all sizes, in a style that would differentiate them completely from their competitors.

The Moving Brands team has fully delivered against the objectives – a premium product positioning, a more emphatic brand voice, with an inspired video approach that is differentiated and ownable for Sony.

Patrick Bewley, VP Brand Experience Marketing Sony.


Moving Brands was asked to transform the Lookbook into a series of films. An integral part of the “Only with Sony” campaign, the videos needed to convey the symbiotic relationship between Sony technology and design. This was communicated through both the theme “Technical mastery. Artistic nuance.”

Our challenge was threefold; to define the motion concept, create a system and guidelines to bind the series, and finally produce 17 beautiful films. Approaching the creation of the films from this systematic point of view would ensure their flexibility across digital, retail and ambient use, and provide guidance for future motion work.



Sony’s promise of ‘technology with heart’ drove the concept, pointing us to future-focused cinematography. By embracing 90-degree angles in the product movement and a Fibonacci curve device in the camera treatment, the motion is weightless, considered and intentional. Most importantly, the end result is distinct and identifiably Sony.

Thanks to HMX Media, who collaborated seamlessly with our London and San Francisco based studios to produce the 3D renders.



The films are fit for purpose for maximum exposure across all platforms. They can be seen in some of the world’s most famous advertising environments, including Times Square and Madison Square Gardens, as well as the Sony retail environments and digital platforms.

The future-proof system we developed will allow Sony to continue to create ownable motion assets, across all devices and products.