Launching an exceptional online experience for Switzerland’s national broadcaster

The SRF website was launched as one of the first in-market experiences of Switzerland’s newly merged national broadcaster. combines DRS (radio) and SF (TV) to create a holistic media company, providing a new portal to access entertainment and information.

Moving Brands worked with SRF to drive the development of this online offer, as experts in both digital technology and the changing way content is consumed. Moving Brands led the project through concept, content strategy, IA, UX, UI and front-end build.

Almost two years after the merger took place, the website launched as the face of the new company. The site is fundamental in shaping perceptions of the organisation, and transformed both internal and external audiences’ ability to create, discover and share engaging cross-platform content.


SRF faced a mammoth task in consolidating its online offering into one integrated platform. Its goals were ambitious; to completely reshape the way audiences, of all ages and attitudes, access content. SRF needed to look beyond traditional media, by engaging with the new behaviours of its users, and offering original content. SRF also needed to develop and support new internal team structures, as editorial output became tri-medial across radio, TV and online platforms.



Driven from the merger of a completely new organisation, when it came to online presence, there was little in the way of legacy systems or frameworks. Collaborating with the different editorial and tech teams, we led the creation and design of the front end, spanning from the initial ideation, across the information architecture, user experience, user interface design, through to the coding and development of pages for both mobile and desktop. Our close working partnership with in-house teams ensured that the integration across hundreds of templates and modules was as much a part of the process as the initial design.

Visually, it was important to develop a system that would stand apart from the typical design treatment seen in other national organisations, while still living within the tradition of quality Swiss design. We crafted a design that would meet accessibility standards whilst keeping the essence and quality of the brand. The site retains a strong typographic presence whilst never losing sight of the importance of legibility, colour and space, and the quality of its content.

As the national broadcaster, it was important that the structural and visual language elements nodded to their cinematic content; from the promotion of media content, to the rich banners, modules and carousels used throughout.



The site, launched at the end of 2012, integrates TV viewing, radio and news, as well as culture, sport, weather, entertainment, consumer, knowledge & digital and health verticals.

Navigating the vast amounts of content available is intuitive and simple. This was ensured by concepting, designing and building a site that understands and supports the user’s needs, through a modular, flexible UX design. The ease of discovering relevant and interesting content is enhanced by the site’s hybrid ‘social’ view, and tight integration with popular 3rd party social media sites.

We delivered a cross-platform solution, with the mobile site launching in the new year.

Working closely with the creative, editorial and development teams at SRF, we defined ways they could deliver a broader range of richer content, more frequently, and in a more engaging, editorially driven way. The resulting site feels alive and flexible, and will ultimately deliver on SRF’s goal of increasing and retaining their audience.