Stella McCartney

Expanding into China with grandeur and intent

Moving Brands was engaged by Stella McCartney and the brand’s store planning team to concept, design, build and install an iconic store-front for the brand’s first directly owned store in Asia.


This experience would be a considered extension of the Stella McCartney story, drawing on its distinct textural, geometric, handmade characteristics and distancing the brand from competitors’ gratuitous tech-showcases.

The store’s location in China’s greenest mall was integral to the concept development. Parkview Green boasts an environment ‘tempered by nature’, and a commitment to promoting and participating in contemporary art. There was an opportunity to create a striking statement that married both sustainability and contemporary artistic values.

Our concept, Diamond Sky, took its direction from the Stella McCartney diamond, a strong motif used on store-fronts and in-store surfaces. Our concepting phase included a fully interactive treatment, whereby the façade would be constructed using tessellated diamond tiles, individually articulated, creating a living and intelligent surface that moves and behaves according to environmental or human influences acting on it.

The final experience is an intense representation of the brand, taking the form of a 10m by 15m sculptural building façade, consisting of over 700 hand made aluminium tiles. The façade commands its quadruple-levelled space, maximising viewing angles throughout the open, light-filled atrium.

The hugely anticipated store launched in Beijing in May 2013.

Final two images thanks to Hypsos.