Your lifestyle demands

StyleBee came to Moving Brands with a beautiful idea: an app delivering celebrity beauty services to meet the lifestyle demands of the modern woman.
Getting involved with a start-up and the earliest stage meant that we were intimately involved in the planning, design and execution of the innovative beauty service. Working together with StyleBee’s co-founders, we defined a brand story that informed a brand identity system as beautiful and bold as the app itself.

We came to Moving Brands at the very beginning of a raw and powerful idea. They were instrumental in defining and telling our story with a brand that is the perfect mix of affordable luxury and approachable exclusivity.

Anna Santeramo, Stylebee CEO and Founder


StyleBee’s core story is focused on the people they serve: successful, chic and stylish women who need to look amazing, don’t have the time to spend in a salon, and shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other. Founded by former New York-based lawyer and investment banker Anna Santeramo, StyleBee does not forward a specific lifestyle—it enables its users to live their lifestyle to its fullest, whatever its demands may be.



StyleBee’s identity was designed to simultaneously convey the look and feel of luxury style brands, the high-end nature of personal beauty services and the speed and effortless ease of use of a great smartphone app. The result is a bold and iconic symbol supported by an intricate identity system.



StyleBee launched in LA in 2013, and now serves San Francisco, Austin, East Bay and Silicon Valley. The 5-star rated app has been steadily growing both its base of loyal customers, and celebrity hair and makeup stylists, with over 500 professionals on its roster. Focused on growth into new areas and new services, the beautiful beauty brand will continue to expand in the coming months and years.