Summit Tulum

Experience design for the world's most unique, invitational event

Summit is a global community with a difference. In the last decade, the group has grown from 19 members to a worldwide powerhouse of entrepreneurs, innovators and artists. It believes businesses and open collaboration can bring about change, and its role is to facilitate these meetings and conversations.

Summit Series is an annual invitational event where business ideas are cultivated and lifelong friendships are forged through immersive experiences, in stunning, surreal locations. (So convinced are they of the importance of environment, the organisation purchased a mountain in Utah’s mountain range and made it their year-round home).

Moving Brands was invited by Summit to be its creative partner to design its inaugural four-day event experience in Tulum, Mexico. We partnered with Summit to create the event concept and design the experience through signage, wayfinding, maps, invites, welcome packs and large experiential moments, including the main stage and DJ booth.


Holding an event in Tulum meant being inspired by the beautiful, picturesque landscape. However, Summit Tulum wanted a clear distinction from the recognised aesthetic of similar events to do justice to the calibre of its attendees and program of work. The identity and its corresponding physical environmental structures needed to capture imaginations. Given the environment, the large number of bespoke signs and structures had to be easily assembled and disassembled onsite. Our aim was to create a beautiful, usable, fluid system for all physical touchpoints that together would create the sense of Summit Tulum.



Summit is focused on providing moments of positive personal and collective growth, therefore it became apparent that ‘discovery’ would be the cornerstone of our creative approach. Taking inspiration from Tulum’s natural materials and combining it with the the meaning of ‘summit,’ we created the event identity system, printed materials and physical environmental structures that were as unique as the event itself.

We brought together our multi-disciplinary team from San Francisco and London to work in partnership with Summit. Moving Brands worked in-house from creating the first sketch, model making, 3D renders, prototyping and fabrication specs to delivering directions for assembly and installation, CAD and technical drawings. Our system provided a kit of parts which could be produced on the ground by the events team, by combining a variety of materials, form factors, finishes and content styles.



The versatile and flexible system we created helped Summit to achieve stunning results in Tulum. From design to build and through the four-day event, every aspect of the experience was meticulously crafted, meaningful and inspiring.

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