Swansea City FC

Capturing the spirit of Swansea City

English Premier League powerhouse, Swansea City, worked in close partnership with Moving Brands in creating a hard hitting story to engage the club’s global fan base, team and organisation ahead of the 2018 season kick-off.



Our journey culminated in the creation of an inspiring call to arms that captured the spirit of Swansea City— Grit and Beauty. This naturally formed a focal point for us to tell the Swansea City story in a way that resonated amongst current fans and those yet to be inspired by the Swans.

Grit and Beauty then informed a new direction for Swansea City’s new visual identity. Using copper tones from their historical past as a copper town and introducing a bold new typeface and tone of voice, Swansea City were able to express themselves confidently, infusing all touch points with Grit and Beauty.

In the run up to the 17/18 season, the essence of ‘Grit and Beauty’ informed communications that would establish the club’s reputation as a worldwide EPL brand and strengthen Swansea City’s position within the global sports arena.

To date, this attitude has informed a range of activities, from the new season kit launch through to the club’s promotion on social media.

It’s about an unbreakable spirit, the snarling, snapping underdog defying the odds and the beautiful game played the beautiful way – ‘The Swansea Way’. Grit and Beauty.

Chris Pearlman. COO, Swansea City.