The one app solution to the fragmented wallet

Tapit is the ‘Swiss wallet of the future,’ the nation’s first smartphone app to enable contactless activations. Using the app, people are able to make payments, collect loyalty points and access secure doors, and in future this app will sit at the heart of all contactless activations. Backed by Swisscom, Tapit is a cross-industry collaboration between financial, telecommunications and retail giants, including Visa, Orange and Migros.

Moving Brands worked with the product team to define the product experience and to build a brand with the strength to become the default for all digital/physical activations in Switzerland – and beyond.

Moving Brands helped us create a visual identity for Tapit to match our strategic vision of the app; “Switzerland’s first contactless mobile wallet.” The brand not only represents the service, but guides people through the use of this new technology. Moving Brands provided us with a flexible base that can grow with the business as the technology advances.

Britta Reinhardt, Head of Mobile services & applications at Swisscom



Complex business considerations shaped the creation of the identity and product experience; Tapit represents a completely new technology, so the identity needed to instinctively attract and support both the early adopter and the more cautious user. NFC technology itself is in its infancy, so the identity needed to flex to encompass all known and unknown future services. To reassure users that their financial and personal data is safe, the interface must be straightforward yet unassailable. Finally, as an open collaboration initiative, the Tapit brand needed to satisfy the diverse needs of several global business stakeholders.



The Tapit project team, led by Swisscom’s Head of Mobile Payments and Head of Mobile Services and Applications, agreed enthusiastically that the brand should be more than an identifier – it should determine the behaviour of the product. So we defined four UI and UX pillars, ensuring a simple to use app that guided the user and rewarded them through positive digital feedback.

The characteristic ‘Tapit sparks’ were created to suggest this sense of physical to digital ‘contact.’ At key interaction points, the sparks inform the user of progress, and through considered animation, colour and behaviour shifts, they constantly ensure confidence in the security and functionality of the app

Outside of the app, the sparks’ application can be energetic, helpful or informative, allowing communications to attract, guide or inform the user. Created in Processing, the sparks are carried through both the expressive and structural textures, as well as the pictograms. The result is a simple to apply yet powerful digital-first identity.

We created guidance for local specialist agencies to apply the system across the product, the website and supporting physical touchpoints, such as point of sale and in-store communications. To engage internal and external stakeholders, we also created a brand film telling the story of Tapit’s creation.



The app launched on selected devices in early July 2014, with a rollout plan to include iOS and additional devices in the coming months. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from both stakeholders and users prove that Tapit has succeeded as a simple, compelling product. The joined-up approach to brand and experience transform the action inherent in the app’s name into a compelling call to action: Tap it!

“I’m convinced that Tapit will be one of the most successful mobile payment propositions in Europe.”
Nicolas Huss, CEO Visa Europe

“This is the first time I’ve seen anywhere in Europe a platform, concept and partnership approach that genuinely has the ability to become a Swiss ecosystem, not a proprietary solution.”
Johan Andsjö, CEO Orange