Develop experiences

A challenging rebrand and brand architecture project with developer tool juggernaut Telerik took Moving Brands to Sofia, Bulgaria for a comprehensive workshop with the company’s C-suite and key stakeholders. The brand was in need of an update to strategically reposition and reestablish itself as a dominant player in its market. Moving Brands worked with Telerik teams in Bulgaria and Palo Alto, California to develop an emboldened brand identity, key messaging, tagline, and tone of voice, while structuring a flexible brand architecture for their existing and expanding product portfolio.

Moving Brands’ ability to help organize our complex portfolio of products and sub-brands into a workable and flexible brand architecture was incredible. We love the new logo and brand identity—it tells our story and supports our new positioning in a way that is both authentic and impactful.

Svetozar Georgiev, Co-Founder and CEO, Telerik


An up-start startup founded by a couple of friends in 2002, Telerik quickly became the established provider of dev tools for Microsoft .NET software. Fast-forward a few short years and the company had developed and acquired a slew of products, services and sub brands that expanded their capabilities to include mobile and cross platform development tools and cloud services.

Moving beyond the brand’s niche required an evolution of their story that elevated their offer from helping developers create .NET software to enabling the development of unique, one-of-a-kind experiences in apps on any platform or device.



Re-crafting the original symbol to combine the history of Telerik with an updated feel and pairing it with bold and approachable typography ensures that every element of the brand identity system balances the confidence of an industry leader with the supportive friendliness of the developer community’s tribal nature.

The evolved brandmark’s angles and flat colors form the basis for the dynamic shapes of the graphic elements. Its 45-degree lines form active diagonals upon which content is layered to create depth without 3D effects. The visual results are bold, flat and graphic and paired with an open and friendly tone of voice that encourages Telerik’s customers and employees to “Develop experiences.”



Telerik relaunched in January, 2014 with a completely redesigned website that beautifully showcases the rebrand. UI and splash screens for apps incorporating the new brand will follow, as will interior design that we intially visualized for both their Sofia, Bulgaria HQ and their new offices in Palo Alto, CA.

Most importantly, the developer community that creates the mobile and desktop apps that we use every day will immediately begin receiving the core story that Moving Brands wrote and articulated though all of the brand’s design elements—that Telerik has the tools and services they need to “Develop Experiences.”

Update: In October 2014 it was announced Telerik has been acquired by Progress Software for $263m.