The Internet Society

An empowering identity to champion an open Internet for all

In a world where the Internet is becoming part of our daily lives but faces emerging challenges, the Internet Society exists to champion an Internet that is open, globally connected, and secure for everyone. Founded by some of the Internet’s earliest architects, the Internet Society unites like-minded people into a global community that supports the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and as a force for good in society.


Approaching its 25th year of operation and with a new CEO and Executive Team in place, the organisation wanted to clarify what it stands for, consistently communicate its message, become better known and continue to attract new members. To achieve this, it identified a need to redefine its story, better demonstrate its strengths, cut through the complexity of its global operations and devise simpler ways to communicate the impact and importance of its work.



As a global organisation with a global community – and with a fundamental belief in openness – it was clear that to create something that everyone at the Internet Society could own, the wider network of chapters and members needed to be involved from the beginning.

Through a collaborative partnership with the in-house team, Moving Brands was able to discern the specific makeup of the Internet Society’s community and to engage it in an inclusive process as a part of the brand development work.

“We’re committed to an Internet for everyone, everywhere. This is an Internet which offers hope and celebrates humanity. Together, we can make this happen.”

We conducted 40 interviews to understand what the Internet Society community understood and felt about the organisation and how they communicate what it does. Although an array of differing views emerged, this initial stage revealed commonly held perceptions about the organisation’s core strengths and values. This work allowed us to present key recommendations as part of a strategy phase and led to the framework for implementing the identity in an execution phase. It also outlined our initial task to create a unified story that the Internet Society and its community could rally behind.

Following our definition of the Internet Society’s brand story, we put together a blog which invited the organisation’s 100,000 strong community from 120+ worldwide chapters to assess a number of visual design routes and so help co-create the new visual identity.



To remain true to the Internet Society’s principles of accessibility, we picked an open source font and created an intentionally bright, broad colour palette. The new guidelines exist for all to see, rather than behind a password-protected barrier, giving the diverse cultural makeup of the organisation the chance to reflect their own unique identity within the wider community.

Recognising that the original logo carried a great deal of equity, together we developed an evolution which retained the highly recognised nodes while breathing new life into the mark and bringing it in line with the brand’s new identity.

The result is a fully accessible identity system that presents the organisation in a new light while reflecting the values which have always defined it. It empowers the Internet Society’s 120 global chapters by opening the brand up to controlled interpretation while communicating the complexity of its work in a simple, approachable way.

Following the creation of the Internet Society’s new identity, we created the visual design, look and feel that drove the new online experience. The aim was to create a simple new web experience which connects with the Internet Society’s broad audience and continues to support the growth of its global community and drive membership. Once we had identified the various user groups visiting the site and defined the user flows, we ran a process of collaborative design sprints to create and refine the design. The result is a site that demonstrates and updates the Internet Society’s positive impact in an energetic and engaging way.

Our work together pays homage to the Internet Society’s heritage, positioning the organisation for the next 25 years, renewing its self-belief and sense of purpose in the world.