Bringing clarity and purpose to a complex new IoT business

Tiko is a leading connected home device – a smart grid system that connects to a user’s home electricity supply. Moving Brands worked with Tiko founders to bring clarity, consensus and purpose to this new business.


Tiko is provided by Swisscom Energy Solutions – a partnership between Swisscom and RePower, an international energy utility business. This relationship, as well as Swisscom’s entry to the energy sector, needed to be carefully considered and communicated.

Connected home devices remain unchartered territory for many people. As one of the first of its kind in Europe, it was vital to communicate Tiko’s offer in a clear, compelling way. Tiko’s competitors in the energy sector had employed an identikit approach to brand and communications, and our aim was to create and position Tiko as the energy product consumers wanted to own.



To prioritise and clarify Tiko’s value, we asked stakeholders how they’d communicate the product to a seven year old – the range of responses was testament to the products complex, multi-layered proposition. In workshops with stakeholders, we helped to define the Tiko service proposition, clarify its users and create notional user journeys.

We named the service Tiko, defined the brand story as ‘Efficiency for good’ and created an identity system that both product owners – Swisscom and RePower – were excited to employ. The strong mark and graphic and illustration language help Tiko connect with users in a human way, and allow for a range of expression, both in the immediate launch phase and as the product progresses to meet longer term ambitions.



We identified and designed for the key moments in the customer journey – a constant voice from Tiko would reassure users that their data is safe, and demystify the process. We gave guidance on how to apply the system to the app interface, website and physical and digital stationery, and supported the Tiko team to create launch campaigns to educate and incentivise users.

With over 5,000 people already participating, Tiko is the first active smart grid in Switzerland, and is one of the biggest smart grids in the world.

Given the technical nature of tiko, and the unprecedented nature of the partnership (between RePower and Swisscom), the brand needed to bring clarity to the customer experience. Moving Brands worked with us to create a compelling human story amidst this complexity, and helped us to set a long term vision that Swisscom, RePower and our audience could embrace.

Sandra Trittin, Founder and Head of Business Development and Marketing Tiko