An ad campaign for a global real estate firm, celebrating its clients

In a highly congested and hotly contested real estate marketplace, Transwestern stands out for truly delivering on the adage – ‘customers come first.’ Moving Brands was engaged by Transwestern to develop a strategy, messaging platform, and advertising campaign.

Moving Brands quickly understood who we are as a firm – our commitment to client service and protecting our corporate culture. This understanding allowed us to collaborate and create a uniquely personal and timeless ad campaign.

– Kim Croley, Executive Vice President


We started by helping Transwestern understand what elements made it unique from which we could build a compelling, authentic campaign. Transwestern works hard to grow extraordinary opportunities for its staff who then create extraordinary experiences for clients. By ‘being the best place to work’ makes Transwestern also the best place to do business. Team members are consistently working to go above and beyond to deliver unexpected value to clients. From this insight, we built the idea of ‘experience extraordinary.’

The ad campaign features real staff and clients sharing what experience extraordinary means to them. It is both friendly and credible. A handcrafted illustrative style feels personal – like Transwestern’s service – and ensures the campaign stands out from competitors. The strength of this idea is that it reflects the business’ true character while directly supporting its goals for growth.

The ad campaign can be seen in The Wall Street Journal, Real Estate Forum, and Real Estate Weekly. Within the WSJ, Transwestern ads outperformed other similarly-sized real estate ads across recall, readership and action-taken. The ad campaign is also executed on various digital platforms with a focus on millennials.