Building a brand on data and trust

ValuePenguin knows that financial decisions are complicated and often overwhelming. That’s why it focuses on providing high quality resources to help people make the most well informed decisions. From publishing in-depth research to creating infographics, ValuePenguin makes its expertise accessible to all, without excessively oversimplifying. It is also a trusted provider of financial data and analysis to notable news sites and publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek and Yahoo Finance.


ValuePenguin’s research, analysis and facts are focused on the value for people, guiding them so they can make considered financial decisions for longevity and happiness. However, ValuePenguin’s subdued brand identity did not do justice to its powerful data and expertise. Moving Brands was approached by ValuePenguin to help it create a new brand and identity that reflects its authority while remaining a trusted and approachable partner.



We were engaged by Jonathan Wu, a Columbia University graduate and Founder and CEO of ValuePenguin. Through workshops and interviews, we noticed the growing team at ValuePenguin shared a love of analyzing the world and a real drive to help people make thoughtful decisions that will have a positive effect in the long run. This attitude is articulated in ValuePenguin’s core story – “finding the true value of your financial happiness.”

Data is at the heart of ValuePenguin’s offer so we placed it at the foundation of the identity system. We created a chart and infographic style that maximises their secondary color palette – vibrant colors to stand out against a focused primary palette of neutral grays and warm yellows.

Simultaneously, we created the design approach and technical considerations for the new ValuePenguin website – interactive, memorable visual structures that show people the breadth of content while encouraging them to explore further and return regularly.



The new brand and website launched in Feb 2016 and has succeeded in creating a sophisticated and credible identity for ValuePenguin. 

The new brand better reflects our personality and allows us room to grow. Moving Brands’ process was instrumental in helping us get to a result that we can confidently stand behind. We’re extremely happy with the new branding and guidance and it’s helped a lot towards the touch points we’re producing. 

– Jonathan Wu, Founder & CEO of ValuePenguin