A global team of thousands, unified by a shared purpose

Restless entrepreneurialism has always driven Virgin to challenge the rules. The business, embodying the spirit of Richard Branson, disrupts each new industry it enters. To maintain this spirit, now and well into the future, Moving Brands was asked to define and articulate the purpose of the business – ‘The Virgin Way.’

“This pithy one-liner is a challenge that will help us to sustain our energy and focus for another 40 years.

– Richard Branson


Virgin has experienced growth like no other business, amassing over 400+ decentralised entities, in over 50 countries, in sectors as diverse as mobile telephony, travel, financial services, leisure, music, holidays and health & wellness. But the business had no way of communicating, sharing and embedding the spirit of the business.

This left thousands of franchise owners, their employees and their agencies to interpret for themselves what Virgin stood for – resulting in a fragmented and weakening brand. Moving Brands was asked to redefine Virgin’s brand purpose – to “bottle Richard” – thus maintaining brand strength and future-proofing the business.



We distilled the inputs of over 150 global Virgin employees to get to a common truth. Along with Richard Branson’s character, the result is The Virgin Way – a distillation of the best of the company, and a map for ongoing success. This map begins with the brand promise, which we articulated as ‘Don’t just play the game, change it for good.’

The brand promise is an authentic, credible story in the language of Richard Branson, newly-accessible to every employee.

It is supported by the ‘How’ and the ‘Where’ – the brand pillars, and the brand ambition.

As well as creating the language of the Virgin Way, we created the vibrant design language that would ensure its understanding and adoption by Virgin’s businesses worldwide, who were introduced to the work during a road show led by the business’ C-suite.