Wine Access

A premium brand for the largest, direct to consumer, wine network and retailer

Wine Access is the world’s largest, premium direct to consumer, wine network and retailer. Its purpose is to bring wine, wine lover, and winemaker together. With every glass raised, Wine Access strives to deliver a life more interesting, making sure nothing gets between the customer and the world’s greatest wines.

Moving Brands was approached by Wine Access to help deliver on its ambitions for growth. To help Wine Access with its business mission, we created a new brand and visual identity system with the ability to extend and flourish into new channels, communications, and products.


We were approached by the Vice President of Product at Wine Access. As a seasoned veteran in the wine business, Wine Access saw a strong shift in the demographic of wine consumers. Recognizing this opportunity, we worked with Wine Access to translate its brand and experience to continue to deliver extraordinary wine to its existing loyal customers while also attracting a new set of customers.



We distilled Wine Access’ brand story – its purpose at the core of the business – to “Beyond Extraordinary”. Wine Access exists to curate the world’s most amazing wine experience and to bring it to customers worldwide. It strives to make wine accessible by demystifying wine but never dumbing it down.

We identified a new group of customers – a mix of Gen X and millennials – who were high earners but differ in their spending habits compared to their older counterparts. This group craved access and discovery without a need for ownership. For them, it was about the anti-status, the non-brands and most importantly, purpose, function, and quality above all else.

We strived to understand Wine Access’ existing brand, current positioning, competitors, business goals, and challenges. We learned that for optimal growth, Wine Access needed to appeal to the next generation of ultra-affluent customers. This helped us to map out the behaviors and affiliations of its targeted demographic to inform new customer persona definition.

Always balanced, yet in its own league, Wine Access’ ethos led us to design its logo reminiscent of a traditional stamp. The logo marks a sense of authority but balanced with the idea of travel. For the typography, it was fitting to hero a modern serif. Everything in the system seamlessly came together as a nod to wine language, feeling premium and fresh, grounded but always accessible.

We also worked with Wine Access to bring to life a distinct illustrative, graphical element that could help describe wines, visualize tasting notes, and show food pairings.

Keeping the system consistent across packaging, digital experiences, and communications, Wine Access stands out from its competitors across the globe.



Our in-house consultant and creative director worked with Wine Access’ digital partner on the design and development of the catalog and e-commerce sites. They helped support the transition to a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

We created and delivered Ark, a Moving Brands custom-built design platform, for the Wine Access team. Serving as a single focal point where all assets were available to use, Ark created an opportunity for the teams to create coherent, appropriate communications and design experiences going forward.

The brand was activated internally and across all external marketing efforts. With the launch of its e-commerce site, Wine Access also released results from a 10-year data search of the US wine market. To read more, click here.

One of Wine Access most robust form of communications was its emails which saw a 35% higher click-through rate and a 50% higher purchase rate on the new brand compared to the old brand. The average age of new customers has gone down by 10%. Wine Access has seen a 25% increase in engagement from their largest customer segment on the store. Additionally, store sales have grown 50% month over month since the launch.