About us

Our origins
Moving Brands began in 1998 with five people passionate about design, film, storytelling and technology. They shared the belief that creativity was the most powerful tool a business could use. At first, they focused on two things – filmmaking to satisfy their creativity and the design and build of a broadcast quality live-streaming system to satisfy their urge to innovate.

Web design and experience design came next, leading Moving Brands to pioneer our multi-sensorial brand identity system that defines graphics, sound, motion, texture and emotion. We call this the Brand Being ™. Nokia was the first client to benefit from this revolutionary new approach. It’s this DNA that has shaped who we are today.


Things you may not know about us
A lot of our work is well known – it’s out there in the world for everyone to see. But here are some things – surprising, startling, barely believable – that you may not know about us.

A global team that works together
The combined time our senior team has worked together is 130 years. Expert, experienced and constantly in contact.
Jim Bull

Jim Bull

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

San Francisco

Jim Bull is a creative avalanche: a designer, branding guru, filmmaker and commentator all wrapped up into a gigantic creative tundra.

Having co-founded and directed the creative output of Moving Brands since it was founded in 1998, Jim was instrumental in developing the agency’s innovative approach to branding and storytelling. Since then, Moving Brands has carved out a reputation as the definitive multi-disciplinary, cross-platform creative agency, working with some of the world's most interesting businesses including Netflix, Apple, Google, 20th Century Fox and Sony.

Today, Jim’s role as Chief Creative Officer based in San Francisco means he is responsible for the creative output of Moving Brands across our studios in London, Zurich, New York and San Francisco.

Jim is recognized globally as a brilliant and contentious thought leader in the areas of design, business, and creativity. He is known for the kind of insight that can only come from intense experience of building a creative business in today’s design-centric society – and has demonstrated his occasionally provocative perspectives through keynote speaking slots for high-profile design and business events, in interviews for press, and on prestigious design juries.

Love him or hate him – creativity never looked like this before.

The Moving Brands way starts with defining the compelling story at the heart of a brand and creating experiences that project the core brand principles from the inside out.
Our guiding principles

We work with the people we believe in

We know there is no such thing as a perfect company but we also know that organisations with shared aims can create immense positive change. We are actively seeking founders, leaders and organizations who have similar ambitions to Moving Brands. And once we find each other we commit 100%.   



Proudly climate positive

MB Fuel is our company-wide sustainability initiative which reviews everything we buy, from paper to parking to pensions. Our relationship with Ecologi has made us measurably climate positive and ensures we have an enduring impact in the wider world. 

Find out about our commitment to practical change.

One studio, connected 

We believe that collaboration is the lifeblood of creativity. It’s 
not easy – but we do it every day. Anyone who works in a global organisation will know it’s a struggle that has to be won.

We build teams across our four studios that bring together the right experience and expertise to solve the challenge in hand. 
We stay connected through screens, we move between studios and work in our clients’ locations – whatever the project demands.