Branding at Moving Brands


From startup to blue-chip, branding is intrinsic to the success of every business. Defining a brand identity gives an organisation the tools it needs to overcome crucial business challenges, such as how to connect with different audiences with different needs, how to present products and services in ways that make the most sense to customers, how to attract and keep the best talent as the business grows, and how to inspire the loyalty and engagement of stakeholders and investors.

Moving Brands pioneered the concept of the Living Identity System, a clear and consistent expression of a brand’s personality as experienced through every touchpoint that people encounter. We work globally with clients in every business sector, from fintech to fashion. Our Branding Design ranges from defining and articulating a shared purpose that unified a business as diverse as Virgin to creating a story-led, future-proof and digital-first brand for Irish telco eir, which spanned every aspect from its name and brand architecture to the design of its stores and how its people speak to its customers in them.

Our Branding Strategy begins with us working with you to discover exactly who you are, why you exist and what makes you different, so we can develop your unique Living Identity System, which defines your brand’s purpose, its behaviours (how it looks, speaks and acts) and expresses these through its every touchpoint. Together, we will create a brand that will make your business thrive in the ever-changing world.

To find out more about how our 20 years’ experience in Branding can help your business succeed, contact us.