Business Design at Moving Brands

Business Design

A Springboard For Faster & More Effective Decision-making & Future Planning

Business Design provides a model for your business to respond to change, by acting as a springboard for faster and more effective decision-making and future planning. 

At Moving Brands, business design creates the foundation for your business to thrive in the moving world. Work with us.

Create A Vision For Transformation

Spanning growth strategy, proposition, portfolio, customer experience and culture, we work with businesses to define a vision for transformation, that will ultimately deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Conventional Business strategy relies on theoretical scenarios. Business Design offers a more creative and tactical approach to problem solving. It promotes dialogue and collaboration between people in technology, marketing, design and finances, enabling them to test and refine ideas, uncover new opportunities and correct flaws in an existing or future product or service. The Business Design process allows participants to think about the market for a proposed product or service, and devise a tangible strategy that will make the idea a success.

See how we developed business design for HP, creating the vision — Human Progress — to propel the tech giant into the future.

Achieving Business Goals

By acting as a springboard for faster and more effective decision-making and future planning, Business Design provides a model for businesses to respond to change. This is delivered by our multi-disciplinary team who work with you to set out precisely how your business can achieve its goals. They create models that have the in-built flexibility to adapt to changes in the market. We have previously worked with ambitious creative startup Madefire, developing business design to attract investment to become the world’s next great storytelling company. 

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