Film, Animation and Production at Moving Brands

Whether its live action or animation, film can connect with your audience to communicate a vision, launch a product or service, share stories of your journey or keep people informed and excited by your brand. Film can reach a large audience, capture the spirit of your story and express it in an emotional way that is easy to grasp, share and remember.

In film and animation, advances in technology have given people the means to watch on the go, greatly increasing the opportunities to reach your audiences, who are now experiencing film and video beyond the rectangle, such as VR / MR and 360. Whatever the format, Moving Brands has 20 years’ experience in storytelling, and is a pioneer in the technology which is liberating new ways to tell them.

Our extensive animation output includes the launch film we made for Housing which captured, along with 6 million viewers, the Indian real estate brand’s sense of continuously rising optimism. The 17 films we made for Sony’s premium products brought the theme of ‘Technical mastery. Artistic nuance’ to life — and were seen on giant digital billboards in Times Square and Madison Square Gardens.

As part of Moving Brands, our in-house film production brings a deeper understanding of brands than traditional film production companies. We have always used film as part of the design and branding process, creating high-end films that are not only final outputs, but also an integral part of the branding process itself. We experiment, sketch out ideas, articulate visions and pre-visualise, all in film. We don’t have a house style — we are excited by, and skilled in, all genres and scales of filmmaking.

We have the same depth of experience in photography, bringing together every aspect of a photoshoot from concept to post-processing - including models, location, equipment, lighting and execution.

To find out more about how Film Production and Animation can enhance the impact of your brand, contact us.