Interactive Spaces

Interactive space design enables brands to create an engaging, immersive experience to tell a bold statement about their products, services and brand.

Combining our creative and technical expertise, we have delivered solutions ranging from large-scale, interactive screens and physical environments to more intimate, interactive tables and smaller displays to bring products to life.

Our story-led approach communicates the values and personality of a brand.

Our creative space designs take the form of permanent installations like retail spaces, customer experience centres and wayfinding systems. Or, more temporary formats like pop ups, activations and exhibition stands. We also define how a brand translates into expression within it’s own spaces — offices and meeting spaces.

We have worked with global brands including Stella McCartney, Intel and Mercedes. Our interactive spaces have helped brands engage new audiences in the launch of products and services, build new business partnerships to expand their offer and demonstrate their position as a leader in their industry.

To find out how Moving Brands can help you engage with your audience through interactive spaces contact us.