New Design Realities

Experimentation has always been in our DNA – and today we are a leading force in the growing new design realities space.

As the technology powering augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) becomes more accessible to brands and customers, our team of strategists, creative technologists and designers will help you realise its commercial potential. Whatever your vision, we work closely alongside you to ensure your investment delivers value.

These technologies offer new opportunities for brands to tell stories about their products and services, to offer more immersive experiences in entertainment and media and offer functional solutions such as wayfinding.

From the accessibility of AR on mobile devices, to immersive worlds in VR and situated content in MR - we have the strategic and creative capabilities to help you create meaningful and impactful experiences.

We are working with some of the leading technology companies in this space, helping them with content and experience definition.

To talk more about how these new design realities can bring more power to your brand experiences, please contact us.