100 days of lockdown, a new series from Moving Brands

It has been over three months since the world as we know it changed forever. Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the planet, we have had to transform how we work, live, socialise and operate - and it isn’t over yet.

This pandemic has thrown everything we thought knew into sharp focus. We could never have prepared ourselves for the tragic loss and scale of impact on our communities and loved ones. We have witnessed and experienced heartbreak and it has shifted our perspective profoundly.


As we recover, how do we make sense of what has happened, and apply what we are learning to our longer-term ways of living? How has the pandemic affected our desire to travel, to work shoulder to shoulder, to spend our money?

In this series, we join four of our friends from across Moving Brands to explore how 100 days have changed our world, and what the legacy impact of these changes might be. We cannot predict the human cost of this tragedy, but we can believe that our society will come out stronger for it. 


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