The risky business of climate change

We interviewed Tan Copsey, former Director of the Risky Business Project, on how working with Moving Brands has impacted the future of the organization.

How do you talk to businesses about the difficult yet very real threat of climate change? The Risky Business Project focuses on quantifying and publicizing the economic risks from the impacts of climate change. Moving Brands recently worked with the organization to enhance its brand. We jumped on the phone with Tan Copsey, Director of the Risky Business Project to see how it manages to cut through all the noise on climate change, how it’s looking to the future and what working with Moving Brands has done for the organization.

1. What is Risky Business and why is it different from other climate change organizations?
The Risky Business Project looks at the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and the shift to a clean energy economy. It brings together individuals from across the political spectrum with profound experience in the business world. Its data is reviewed by scientists and economists but speaks to the reality that business decision-makers have to confront.

2. What has been the hardest part of getting businesses to understand climate change and even more importantly, to get them ready for climate change?
It’s not hard to get businesses to understand climate change because it is a risk to profits — something all businesses can understand. Risky Business provides reports, face-to-face meetings and media activities to prepare businesses. Importantly, we have individuals who can speak to businesses with experience and understanding. Ultimately, it’s up to each company to think of innovative solutions.


3. What would success look like for Risky Business in 10 years?
The solution to climate change does not lie only with government. Individuals and businesses can drive change. It should not be seen as a burden but an opportunity for innovation. If we contributed to better management of climate risks and supported businesses to seize the opportunity to address and reduce those risks, that would be a significant accomplishment.

4. How has the new brand supported your objectives?
Working with Moving Brands has afforded Risky Business greater clarity about who we are, what we do, what we’re trying to achieve and how we present ourselves to the world. Historically, Risky Business was focused on identifying risk, but now we’re focusing on looking at opportunities to deal with those risks. Moving Brands helped us create a brand that encapsulates both risks and opportunities.

5. What impact have you seen from the new brand?
We’ve recently rolled out the new brand across the web, including our social media platforms but also internally via presentations and decks. The reaction to the new brand has been positive and the transition viewed as timely and appropriate. When you’re dealing with a technical topic and communicating it to an audience of senior business leaders, a test of how appropriate the new brand is would not be people saying ‘wow that’s amazing’ but rather no one saying ‘that’s not quite right.’

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