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The power of storymaking distilled: An identity for the world’s largest TV content producer and distributor

Banijay is the world's largest international content producer and distributor responsible for television shows and formats, including Survivor, Big Brother, Peaky Blinders, Temptation Island and MasterChef.

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Working with the C-Suite

In Summer 2020, Banijay completed the acquisition of Endemol Shine, creating a single parent company with the capabilities and experience to support TV’s best talents, shows and formats.

This significant acquisition offered an unmissable opportunity for the Banijay brand to step into the spotlight and become famous as the home for the best storytellers, high-quality shows and innovative formats. Our task was to give the Banijay brand the identity it needed to tell the world about what makes it exceptional.

Key to the progress of our work throughout the project was our close collaboration not only with many of Banijay’s internal teams, but also, crucially, with the company’s Chair, CEO and COO. 

Defining behaviors

We saw an opportunity to position Banijay as an all-round entertainment company not only to differentiate its business, but also to make it future-proof as it explores new pockets of growth within the entertainment space.

We captured the brand’s essence into brand behaviours that are designed to help Banijay’s team bring the brand to life through the way it looks, speaks and acts.


Storymaking set free

Our primary task was to articulate the brand’s proposition, purpose and behaviours on which to build its new identity. Through workshops and one-on-one conversations, we explored what makes Banijay unique. It became clear that the agile approach it takes to offering its exceptional experience and capabilities, liberates the storytellers of its production companies to make popular and successful programmes. We distilled this idea in Banijay’s new purpose — ‘storymaking set free’.


Amplifying the multi-label strategy

Flexible and accommodating each region’s needs on a tactical level, the brand architecture was designed to amplify Banijay’s multi-label strategy.

The Portal

The monogram B plays a central role in the brand’s graphic language — as ‘the portal’ — through which the audience can explore the rich variety of Banijay productions. As a framework, the portal allows the vast array of content from Banijay’s labels to take centre stage while making their association with the Banijay brand unmistakable. 

To further reinforce the idea that Banijay is a collective of story makers, production labels, shows and formats, there are moments within the identity system where numbers of portals flock together and move in unison.

The true value of storymaking

Compelled to work remotely, we nevertheless fostered close collaboration with our client teams throughout the project’s tight timetable, delivering an identity that conveys an organisation that celebrates and supports the true value of storymaking.