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The empowering partner in a category dominated by fear-based marketing: crafting a standout brand for cybersecurity platform, Lacework.

Security professionals and developers deserve a better experience – to feel reassured and empowered by their cloud security platform, not restricted by it. Lacework's unique technology shines a light on every corner of the cloud environment. With enhanced visibility comes ultimate peace of mind, easing both the practical and mental burden of cloud security on teams.

We used this insight to reposition the brand as a calming, empowering presence in cybersecurity, a category largely dominated by a fear-based approach to marketing. Light acts as a visual storytelling tool to shape the brand identity system, imbuing it with a sense of safety, reassurance and the ability to be just about anywhere.

As part of our work to communicate the security experience Lacework provides through its cutting-edge technology and 24/7 support, we created a new logo, strategy (brand behaviors and positioning), typography, graphic language, art direction, photography and iconography styles and a library of assets for launch. The motion style we developed culminated in the creation of an animated billboard in Times Square to announce the rebrand and build further brand awareness.

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