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The heartbeat of logistics: a brand as exceptional as its people

Third party logistics company MoLo (short for Modern Logistics) engaged Moving Brands to craft a story and brand identity that would capture the organization’s inimitable spirit, rally existing and potential employees around its vision, and appeal to shippers and carriers in need of an exceptional third party logistics partner.

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MoLo’s advantage: its people
Founded in 2017, MoLo’s vision is to deliver the best service in a fast-paced, complex industry. To provide shippers and carriers with an unparalleled experience, MoLo leverages a powerful competitive advantage: its people — a high-energy team united by a passion for driving customer success.

To understand the unique promise at the heart of the MoLo brand, we immersed ourselves into its day-to-day operations. During our deep-dive at the HQ in Chicago, we facilitated a brand definition working session with MoLo leadership and shadowed customer representatives in action, enabling our team to gain a comprehensive view of the brand’s distinctive qualities.

Capturing culture
Our time with the MoLo team revealed an extraordinary organizational culture, aligned by a drive to do right by their customers. We landed on a powerful, one-word rallying cry that distilled this culture of dedication, honored the nature of their industry, and ultimately defined the MoLo way: ‘Driven’.


The heartbeat of logistics
To bring the MoLo culture story to life, we set out to create an appropriately bold and energetic visual identity system. Central to this system is the new MoLo logo, designed to express its service-driven spirit, evoke a transportation-focused industry, and position the business as the heartbeat of logistics.

We derived a modular graphic language from the qualities of the mark, providing brand communications with a range of expression. A vibrant color palette, created to express the energy, warmth, and drive at the core of the business, plays a critical supporting role in distinguishing the MoLo brand from competitors.


Springboard for growth 
Equipped with the assets of a powerful new brand identity, we created a website to help MoLo cut through the competitive noise and reach their target audiences. The website’s modular design offers a contemporary look and feel and allows for impactful messaging, while leaving room for further extensions to be built on as MoLo continues to grow. 

We’re proud to have developed a brand identity for MoLo that is as exceptional in its category as the people and organization it represents.