• Anivive Lifesciences
  • Biotech
  • Digital Product & Service Design

Designing digital experiences that demystify veterinary pharmaceuticals

To build on our previous work together, Anivive asked us to extend the brand into the digital space. Our task was to create experiences that would present the complexities of the company’s innovative content on animal health in ways that pet-owners can easily understand, while veterinarians can immediately recognise Anivive’s expertise.

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Clarifying complex content

In exploring ways to create engaged learning for users of all levels of knowledge, we created a set of vivid, yet focused, animated data visualisations and infographics. Complex content was clarified. 3D objects invited people to move around the site and find out more. To enhance these graphic elements, we curated the site’s photography to add immersive and emotive moments.

Bringing efficiencies to creative sprints

Creativity is always enriched when processes are made more efficient. We used a number of tools to help us push creative exploration throughout each phase of the project. These included Sketch Libraries to manage working files between multiple designers; Hype presentations to facilitate visual and motion working together simultaneously from the start of each sprint. We used a Hype toolkit website for the client to download and track handoff files at any point.

An immersive digital experience

Our work together provided Anivive with an immersive digital experience that clarifies complexity, invites exploration and reflects its position as a pioneer of breakthrough veterinary medicine.