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Unleashing a vibrant new brand for pet health

Anivive is on a mission to shake up the pet health sector. It’s a veterinary pharmaceutical company that uses intelligent technologies to accelerate the identification, development, and distribution of drugs and vaccines. We partnered with the team to build a brand that would communicate value to customers and investors alike. It also needed to convey the massive impact of bringing treatments to market three times faster and ninety times cheaper than their competitors.

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Redefining pet pharma
Anivive asked us to make a brand that would smash preconceptions of how a veterinary pharma company should look, speak and act. We created the story of a brand that continuously questions and pushes the boundaries in an industry that is slow to change. Our work expresses their unique combination of skills - from developers to veterinarians to medical researchers - and the way they bring them together.


Using pattern recognition to build an identity system
The identity centres on a logo that demonstrates Anivive’s ability to recognise patterns in data, making meaningful connections through research and development. By designing in motion, we created unique behaviours that inform a rich language of pattern and illustration, conveying the critical relationship between science, technology and pets.


Attitude-driven communications
We developed a fresh voice for communications to cut through the formulaic approach found in the rest of the industry. Supported by a vibrant and distinct visual language, messages speak clearly about what makes Anivive different - its ability to eliminate inefficiencies and deliver solutions with true value. Working with the founder and executive team, we brought the brand to life for investor and funding communications, as well as broader consumer audiences.

A springboard for future growth
The identity has had an immediate impact, giving the business a unique and identifiable presence in a crowded industry. Its distinct look and feel generates consistent recognition of the Anivive brand, while its flexibility supports the business’s ambitions to bring additional products and services to market.

Following this piece of work, we were engaged to define the digital experience. See that project here.