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How to create Europe’s next tech giant

Balderton is Europe’s leading early-stage venture capital investor, focussed exclusively on European founded technology companies. They strive to be the investment partner of choice for the best startups in this space. We were asked to create a brand that would talk to the brightest, most exciting European talent looking to finance their ideas. We began by defining a unique set of beliefs that became the manifesto for their business and the fuel for us to refresh their brand. We then built a website designed to attract pioneers with outsized ambitions.


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Articulating beliefs that communicate ambition and commitment to good investments 
We defined a concise five-point manifesto that outlines Balderton's unique stance on how they help create successful businesses. It speaks to individuals that are seeking funding. This manifesto is presented prominently on the newly designed website. Take a look

Fit for pioneers with outsized ambitions
We brought the brand to life with distinct typography and bold use of colour. This strategy sets Balderton apart from the competition. The layout and typesetting express ideas of dynamism and growth. This visual language reflects Balderton’s desire to take their portfolio to the next level.


Putting founders in the limelight
Balderton invests heavily in the pioneering characters in their portfolio companies. We are celebrating these individuals and the business they have founded, by making them central to the website. The focus has shifted from logo and type to people and photographs. This helps founders see that Balderton is here for them, not a distant corporation.