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Window on the Weather — refining and making a new, all-channel concept for BBC Weather

Woven into the UK’s cultural fabric, nothing deserves the term ‘national institution’ more than BBC Weather. In 2017, the service was in the process of switching to a new data provider, presenting the opportunity to update its look and feel, which had last been refreshed in 2005.

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An engaging, consistent cross-platform experience
As creative partner, Moving Brands collaborated with the Corporation’s design specialists to develop a fresh look and feel for BBC Weather, which needed to deliver an engaging, consistent and world-class experience across all digital and broadcast settings.

Developing the overarching idea
A new team was formed — the first of its kind for the BBC — bringing broadcast and digital experts together to develop the refresh. Our task was to help identify and create a new, overarching idea. As people are accustomed to checking the weather by looking out of the window, and as the nation looks to the BBC as the dependable portal for meteorological truth — the concept evolved into ‘Window on the Weather’. 

One studio, one BBC x Moving Brands team
We collaborated to explore — through design and prototyping —  how the new look and feel works on the website and app. We provided visuals for the UI design direction, which were then finessed by BBC online designers. From early motion tests and an animated prototype to final photographic background assets, we worked as a single BBC/Moving Brands team to bring ‘Window on the Weather’ to life, across every channel. 

Moving Brands is our critical best friend.

Colin Burns
Formerly Chief Design Officer at BBC 
(now at Apple)