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Meet Briight. The smarter approach to diabetes management.

Founded in 1897, Becton Dickinson entered the diabetes sector in 1924 and invented the first sterile disposable needle in 1950. Today, 30 million diabetics depend on this medical tech giant for their daily dose of insulin. 

Having identified the opportunity to fulfill the needs of today’s Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, Becton Dickinson asked us to partner with them to create a direct and effective relationship between brand and patient. To achieve this, we created the naming and branding for ‘a diabetes assistant’ app, as well as a social campaign to resonate with the life experiences of patients — all in the service of creating a smarter, simpler approach to diabetes management.

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An uplifting, positive and encouraging app
To understand the industry and what patients want from it, we assessed the competitive landscape, and interviewed stakeholders, healthcare professionals and people with diabetes.

A desire to create something uplifting, positive — and crucially, non-medical — directed our creation of both the name and design of the app. The two ‘i’s’ in Briight represent the user and the app as their expert/companion. The warm ‘smile’ icon encourages users to manage their health without worry and stress.


A good-natured and relatable campaign
We devised a campaign strategy to launch the app, including visuals and messaging for app store and ad optimisation. Working with Magoz, we created illustrations for the campaign that are good-natured and relatable, giving clear differentiation to Becton Dickinson and generating an enduring relationship between the brand and its users.